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Alaattin Emre Elbeyoglu

Alaattin Emre Elbeyoglu

CEO & Co-founder at & Maker. Founder. Entrepreneur. Product. Growth. SEO.

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The Balance Between Understanding and Believing

Belief is easy, it's instinctive, and it often serves as our first response to new information or experiences. Understanding, on the other hand, requires effort, it demands us to question, to probe, and to delve deeper.

Rethinking Business Strategies: Discovering a Different Mindset with the Book "Rework"

Books have the power to transform our lives by presenting diverse viewpoints, and my encounter with Rework was no exception. In this blog post, I share my thoughts on the most compelling chapters from this game-changing book penned by the masterminds behind Basecamp and Hey.

10K to 200K Monthly Organic Traffic in 2 Years (B2B SaaS)

Execution is a precious action for me. Vision means nothing without execution.

365 days of SaaS Growth — from $3K to 13K MRR without funding.

I wanted to share our journey, I sincerely tried to explain how we grow 4X in 2021 and explain what worked and what didn't.