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Alaattin Emre Elbeyoglu

Alaattin Emre Elbeyoglu

CEO & Co-founder at & Maker. Founder. Entrepreneur. Product. Growth. SEO.

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Rethinking Business Strategies: Discovering a Different Mindset with the Book "Rework"

Books have the power to transform our lives by presenting diverse viewpoints, and my encounter with Rework was no exception. In this blog post, I share my thoughts on the most compelling chapters from this game-changing book penned by the masterminds behind Basecamp and Hey.

10K to 200K Monthly Organic Traffic in 2 Years (B2B SaaS)

Execution is a precious action for me. Vision means nothing without execution.

365 days of SaaS Growth — from $3K to 13K MRR without funding.

I wanted to share our journey, I sincerely tried to explain how we grow 4X in 2021 and explain what worked and what didn't.